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A Narrative Of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands

By John Williams 1873

A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean

Performed in the years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the ship Duff, commanded by Captain James Wilson. Compiled from 'Journals Of The Officers And The Missionaries' with a preliminary discourse on the geography and history of the South Sea Islands especially of Otaheite; JIY A committee appointed for the purpose by the directors of The Missionary Society

Published in 1799; 420+ pages - 36 mb

The Story of the South Seas Written for Young People

Missionary Heroes in Oceania

By John C. Lambert 1915

Live: A History of Church Planting in the New Hebrides to 1880

By J. Graham Miller 1992

James Chalmers His Autobiography and Letters

Trainining with the London Missionary Society in the 1860's James Chalmers pioneering missionary work began in Rarotonga, then New Guinea.

By Richard Lovett, M.A.

The Life of John Hunt Missionary to the Cannibals in Fiji

By George Stringer Rowe

Glorious Gospel Triumphs

An autobiography of a household name in the seven colonies before Federation as a missionary and evangelist, the last of the "Heroic Age" of the Pacific Wesleyan Missions and a "Patriarch"of the Australasian Methodist Church.

By John Watsford

Pearls from the Pacific

Describes Florence Young's ministry particularly in the Solomon Islands and amongs the Kanakas in the Canefields of Queensland where many became Christians, some returning to the Islands with the Gospel.

By Florence S. H. Young

Pearls of the Pacific

Being sketches of Missionary life and work in Samoa and other Islands in the South Seas

By V. A. Barradale, M.A.

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