This page contains various resources for Christians seeking to learn and grow.

Learn About The Way of Life

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Understanding and Sharing the Gospel

Download and read this PDF to learn more about the Gospel and how to share it.

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Below is some information on, and links to, various courses designed to help Christians grow.

The Prayer Course

An excellent eight, twenty-minute video journey that will help you and your community to grow and deepen your prayer life.
Please see the sessions  here

A Discipleship Movement

Have you ever thought about what it costs churches, financially, to bring a person to make a commitment to Christ?

In the US the cost can be well over a million dollars. In an Australian local church, it can be around $35, 000. The cost of a local outreach with Will Graham from the BGEA worked out be over $700 per commitment.

This new discipleship model is built on relationships not Church institutions and is very cost effective. Though there is another cost involved.

Below is a link to a video entitled Chris Galanos - DMM Summit Plenary where Chris tells of commencing a fellowship in his home-town with 10 people in his lounge room.  Ten years later they celebrated with 13,000 converts.

You can find it here:  37 minutes

There are also some great individually titled blog posts to read through  here,  with the story of the eLife Church and with the principles they have learned in their journey toward Disciple Making Movements (DMM).

A training course is available for 90 minutes over eight weeks  here

Courses for Young Adults

Summit Ministries 

Check out some of these programmes  here including this five day virtual course  here

These courses are highly recommended along with the Summit Ministry Base Camp course in Colorado Springs, USA.

One course is Challenging Conversations on Depression & Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Pornography, Sex before Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage, Christian & LGBT?, Abortion, Politics and Racism with videos, discussion questions, scripture, and more.

Introduction Video of 3 minutes with resources and videos. Click on each chapter for discussion questions, correlating Scripture, further reading, and more.  Download a printable study guide here at Download Study Guide

Questions about Christianity Answered

Get answers to tough questions and learn how to explain the Christian faith to others. Got Questions
A huge collection of answers to questions commonly asked about God, Jesus the Bible and more.
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