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One Blood

By John Harris

Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia

By Robert Evans

Southland of the Holy Spirit

By Elizabeth Rogers Kotlowski

Understanding our Christian Heritage
Volume 1

Understanding our Christian Heritage
Volume 2

View the Bushman's Companion

by Rev. John Flynn (founder of the Flying Doctors).

The first aid and medical advice is outdated but makes for an interesting read.

Heart of Fire: The Australian Pentecostal Movement and its Pioneers

By Barry Chant

In the Heart of Savagedom

The story of Stuart Watt and his family which has an Australian connection.

An inspirational book on total Christian consecration with reminiscences of pioneering missionary life in Central Africa to inhabitants who never heard of Christ's Gospel.


Missionary Triumphs Among the Settlers in Australia and the Savages of the South Seas

By John Blacket 1914

The Story of John G. Paton

Written for Teenagers. Thirty years of missionary of work among South Sea Cannibals in Vanuatu. A record of an adventurous and noble life that on many occasions is stranger than fiction.

A Century of the English Church in New South Wales

224 pages - 32 mb

A History of the Church Missionary Society in Australia and Tasmania

389 pages - 19 mb

A.R. Edgar: A Methodist Greatheart

The Life Story of an evangelist and the founder of the Wesley Church and Central Mission Melbourne who helped form other institutions and as a family man suffered the loss of six of his children.
220 pages - 23 mb

Christian Work in Australasia Rev J Bickford

An early historical account of the discovery and colonisation of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji with the growth of the Church, schooling and the foundation of Sydney's Wesley Methodist Mission from it's beginning in 1815.
344+ pages - 54 mb

Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery

Book Highlighting Field Marshal Montgomery's Christian Life

100 pages - 10 mb

James Calvert: or from Dark to Dawn in Fiji

Missionary to Fiji in the 1800's
160+ pages - 59 mb

Life and Work of Samuel Marsden

"Not merely a good man," says the preacher of his funeral sermon "who filled up the place allotted to him on earth, and then sank into his grave ; not merely a faithful minister of Christ, who loved and served his Saviour and turned many to repentance, but more than either of these. Rightly to estimate his character we must view him as a peculiar man, raised up for an especial purpose."
232+ pages - 15 mb

Memoir of the Life and Labour of Thomas Gainford

An amazing story of ship apprenticeship, coming to Australia's gold fields and his ministry especially in NSW.
397+ pages - 62 mb

Memories of an Australian Ministry

Autobiography of J.E. Curruther's ministry from 1868 to 1921. President of the General Conference of Methodist Church of Australia 1917-1920.
339 pages - 41 mb

Pathfinders of the Great South Land

By William George Taylor and his pioneering Methodist work especially in NSW.

Also see another book below by W. G. Taylor "The Life Story on an Australian Evangelist"
160 pages - 12 mb

The First Century: The Missionary Adventure of Australasian Methodism 1855-1955

89 pages - 8 mb

The founding of Sunday Schools in England and Australia

12 pages - 15 mb

Travelling On

An Infants book published by the NSW Dept of Education with Biblical themes including the Lord's Prayer.
108 pages - 30 mb

Sailing On With JESUS

Eighteen Reflections with Biblical insight on the First Voyage of Captain James Cook 1768-1771. Jesus is our uniquely divine Captain who can make it possible for us to navigate from earth into heaven! It celebrates the 250th Anniversary in 2020 of Captain Cook's voyage in the Endeavour along the East Coast of Australia.

By David Rowsome

Up the Track with JESUS

A time out to reflect on the lives of Australia soldiers who fought along the Kokoda Track in WW11 showing how Jesus demonstrates the qualities of Courage, Mateship, Endurance and Sacrifice to follow the Track of Life.

By David Rowsome

Unto God and Caesar

A history of our founding father's decisions on whether God should be recognised in the Preamble or in Section116 and should the Australian Constitution be given a religious clause or not. These and other issues make interesting reading including the political and religious aspects.

By Richard Ely


A South Australian Romance

How a Colony was founded and a Methodist Church formed. Published in 1899

By Rev. John Blacket


The Life Story on an Australian Evangelist

By William George Taylor

Ten Decades:
The Australian Centenary History of the London Missionary Society

By Rev. Joseph King

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