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Keys to Australia's Destiny

Our Destiny is related to Jesus’ Destiny – Jill Curry

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Through Koorong

Australian stories by Kerry Medway

Is Ned Kelly in Heaven?
The parallel stories of Ned Kelly and John Singleton. One a bushranger, the other a doctor evangelist. One a sinner, the other a saint. One possibly Australia’s most well known outlaw, the other, almost unknown. These are the true stories of two men and their meeting in Melbourne Gaol in the 1880’s. One man’s life was possibly changed for eternity.

Bush Preacher hits the Dust
Stories from the Coober Pedy opal fields and outback Australia. A preacher facing a shotgun, falling in a sheep-dip and helping troubled men find peace with God. Commended as Australian Christian Book of the Year. One man commented.. “It’s the funniest & challenging book I have read whilst sitting on the toilet in years ! I read it in one sitting !!!”

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Ivan Rudolph's Books

Books on Sturt, Flynn & Eyre
‘Ivan Rudolph has proven himself a very authentic Australian with his love of the pioneering heritage of our bush and outback history, which he describes as few others can, combining patient, precise historical research with a dramatic writing ability. Consequently his books read like novels! Rudolph arouses our admiration and our empathy for the main players. He does not gloss over their failings and preserves a lively focus on their all too human personalities’ – Professor David Myers

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Australia’s History – One People, One Destiny.

by Mike Spencer

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