Hobart, Tasmania

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First Divine Service in Tasmania Sullivan Cove, River Derwent, Van Diemen’s Land, Feb 1804.

Sunday, 26. A.M. – At 10 the military paraded; ½-past all the convicts, settlers assembled, and the Lieut. Gov., with the officers of the new colony, heard divine service. The sermon by request of the Lt, Gov., was upon the prosperity of the new settlement, and to pray to God for a blessing upon the increase of it. Mr More, the Commandant, and Mr Wilson, the storekeeper from Risdon Cove, attended divine service. At 1p.m. Lieut, Lord, Mr Humphreys, Mr Collins, Mr Simmons, of H.M. Brig Lady Nelson, and self went in the Gov black cutter to Risdon Cove, where I did duty to all the convicts, &, I dined with Mr. Mont-garret, and returned in the eve. C.S., Winter.

From Historical Records of Port Phillip Journal of Reverend Robert Knopwood (A very sociable man!)

You can read the entire address based on Psalm 107 verse 43
“Who is wise and will consider these things, even they shall understand the loving kindness of the Lord,” in the appendix in this book.

The Story of
The Pioneer Church
In Van Diemen's Land

By Karl Von Stieglitz, O.B.E.