God’s Fire

68 minutes

A documentary film on God’s revival fire among Indigenous Australians in North Australia and its impact on the nations.

God’s Firestorm: Elcho Island Fireball

87 minutes

An 87 minute documentary film on God’s transforming firestorm of revival that started among Yolnu Aborigines at Galiwin ‘ku, Elcho Island in 1979 and spread around Arnhem Land and then across most of Australia.

God’s Firestorm: Elcho Extra Stories

74 minutes

From Dan and Sue Armstrong, Djiniyini Gondarra, Wendell Flentje, Anna Edwards, Jovilisi Ragata, and includes worship dances and Buthiman’s prayer map.

Australia’s Jubilee and Days of Prayer

by Graham McLennan, National Gathering Executive Member & Treasurer

View the entire article with pictures and historical documents.

Revival on board a convict ship

From the book The Convict Ship and England's Exiles by Dr Colin Browning MD who was Naval Surgeon and a Christian

You can read the whole story from pages 231 to 237 here:

As a matter of fact the whole book is worth reading! Dr Browning did an amazing work amongst the convicts on eight convict voyages between 1831 and 1849. By reading the preface you will understand why 156 of the 220 convicts gave their lives to Christ. By the end of each voyage most could read. The guards had little to do on C. S. Theresa because of the convicts changed behaviour. No floggings, no use of the 220 irons on board.

Re-Visioning Australian Colonial Christianity:

New Essays in the Australian Christian Experience 1788-1900

by Stuart Piggin

Professor Stuart Piggin: Revivals Past and Present in Australia

by Kurt Mahlburg, ( Includes an interview with A/Prof Stuart Piggin

Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia

By Robert Evans

An Outline History of Evangelical Revivals in the Pacific Islands and in Papua - New Guinea Addresses on the 1972 Revival in Papua - New Guinea

by Margaret Reeson, Joan Rule, and Keith Everingham.
Compiled and Edited by Robert Evans


A collection of books on revival by Robert Evans

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Revival In Melbourne!

Read more about this historical event in Melbourne's history.

A Hunger for God’s Word 1909

Jason Harris documents the Sydney revival of 1909.

Edwin Orr Evangelical Awakenings in the South Seas Minneapolis Bethany Fellowship, 1976

Glorious Gospel Triumphs

By John Watsford

The Life Story on an Australian Evangelist

By William George Tayor

Ten Decades:
The Australian Centenary History of the London Missionary Society

By Rev. Joseph King

Pearls from the Pacific

By Florence S. H. Young

Revival Interview with Kurt Mahlburg and Graham McLennan

Notes of Interview with Kurt Mahlburg and Graham McLennan

Evangelical Revivals in New Zealand

by Robert Evans and Roy McKenzie (1999)

This book seeks to outline the main evangelical revivals and evangelistic efforts in New Zealand history, and some of the characters who were involved in this.

Essays on the History and Experience of Revival and Revivalism in Australian Christianity

Chapter 15: Rainbow or the Serpent?
Observing the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Revival, 1979 and now.

by John Blacket

Fire in the Outback by John Blacket (Free eBook)

God took the outcasts - rejected and despised Australian Aborigines - and transformed whole communities in a few days, first on an island in north Australia and later across the north, centre and west of Australia. This fire of revival transformed health, hygiene, attitude to work and education, and brought true reconciliation and love between families, clans and tribes that had been fighting for many generations.

Don't go to Gilgandra or you will get converted:

by Robyn Walton

The story of the Aboriginal Naden family

Great Southland Revival

Discover Australia’s Great Awakenings

Australia is a nation forged in the furnace of revival. Long forgotten, Australia’s Spirit-filled history comes to life in Great Southland Revival. Discover how the flame of Pentecost spread from the book of Acts all the way to the South Pacific. Journey on convict ships and city trams, to goldfields, outback communities and far-flung islands transformed by the gospel. Most of all, be inspired that God longs to revive the church, sweep multitudes into His kingdom, and renew our world once again.

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An interview on the book by VCM 20Twenty presenter Neil Johnson is here courtesy Vision Christian Media