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Indigenous Pastor David Unaipon: The Man on the $50 note

Indigenous Light Horseman Memorial unveiled in Semakh  Israel,  2018.

A number of Light Horsemen were Indigenous and a memorial celebrating these Indigenous Light Horseman was unveiled in 2018.

Unveiling Ceremony of the Statue "Aboriginal Soldier and his Horse" in memory of the Australian Soldiers who fell in Israel in the WW1 and in the Battle for the Semakh Train Station on 25th of September 1918 which took place at night!

Indigenous Trooper Jack Pollard's grandson Mark Pollard views the statue of his grandfather who fought at Semakh. The statue shows Pollard holding a Bible (New Testament Psalms and Proverbs) in his left hand, an Australian Government Army issue to ever soldier and placed in all soldiers kits. On one of the plaques is John 15:13 with the words of Jesus: No Greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

מרק פולארד מביט בפסל שעוצב על פי דמותו של סבו ג'ק שלחם בקרב על תחנת הרכבת של צמח




Marked annually on July 1 as ‘The Coming of the Light’, Torres Strait Islanders celebrated the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Christianity to island communities. While the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions had delayed major celebrations in Brisbane, festivities went ahead in Cairns and on Thursday Island. The anniversary was marked with traditional re-enactments of the landing of the first missionaries to the Torres Strait, and church services.

“For the people of the Torres Strait Islands, the Coming of the Light is celebrated as a time of joy,” says the Anglican Board of Mission on its site marking the occasion.

“It must be stated that the London Missionary Society’s missionaries did not bring God to the Torres Strait, rather the message of Jesus, through the Bible,” wrote Rev Canon Victor Joseph, in an online message to mark the occasion. Joseph is Principal of Wontulp-Bi-Buya College, Cairns, and a speaker at the Cairns celebration...


On 1 July each year, The Coming of the Light is celebrated by Torres Strait Islanders, marking the arrival of Christianity to the region. On 1 July 1871, representatives from the London Missionary Society arrived at Erub (Darnley Island) in the Torres Strait. Follow the link below as three Torres Strait Islanders discuss its significance in their own words in this digital story from our latest exhibition Islands.

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Australia's First Indigenous Evangelist?

Bennelong an Aboriginal after his wife Borangaroo (place on western side of Harbour Bridge) died married Abaroo (Boorong) who was raised for 18 months in Richard & Mary Johnsons home where she was taught some basic English and Scripture.

Bennelong & Abaroo had a son born about 1803 who became a Christian in his youth possibly becoming the first Indigenous evangelist.

For further information about the interaction of Christians and Indigenous people please read One Blood by John Harris below.

More info at this link:

200 years of Aboriginal Encounter with Christianity: A story of Hope

One Blood

By John Harris
Over 900 pages

Tribal Map of Australia

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Fire in the Outback by John Blacket (Free eBook)

God took the outcasts - rejected and despised Australian Aborigines - and transformed whole communities in a few days, first on an island in north Australia and later across the north, centre and west of Australia. This fire of revival transformed health, hygiene, attitude to work and education, and brought true reconciliation and love between families, clans and tribes that had been fighting for many generations.

Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony and Its Effects

Read this article by Rodney Rivers on the rise of aboriginal religion in Australia.

Excerpt from Report on Coniston Massacre Prayer Assignment 7-14 June 2017

by Kris Schlyder

Read this essay on the Aboriginal influence on Australian culture by Dr. Graham McLennan

More 40 Indigenous stories at:

Some Influential Indigenous Christians

'First Aboriginal convert to Christianity over 500 years ago?'

A half millennium of hope the voyage of the Espoir to the southland and the Southland's call to Christendom (1503 – 1505)

Harvey W. Brice

Essays on the History and Experience of Revival and Revivalism in Australian Christianity, Chapter 15: Rainbow or the Serpent?

Observing the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Revival, 1979 and now.

by John Blacket

Don't go to Gilgandra or you will get converted: the story of the Aboriginal Naden family

by Robyn Walton, Coo-ee Calls 103, Jan 2008, pp1-10

Pacific Nations

Evangelical Revivals in the Pacific. Robert Evans Plus Three Addresses on the 1972 Revival in Papua - New Guinea by Margaret Reeson, Joan Rule, and Keith Everingham. Compiled and Edited

by Robert Evans

Evangelical Revivals in New Zealand

by Robert Evans and Roy McKenzie (1999)

This book seeks to outline the main evangelical revivals and evangelistic efforts in New Zealand history, and some of the characters who were involved in this.

William Cooper, Gentle Warrior

by Barbara Miller

Hear the story of Pastor Doug Nicholls. He was an aboriginal activist, boxer, represented Victoria in Australian Rules Football, and pastor of a Church of Christ in Melbourne. Broadcast in segment “Christians who have made a difference” on “Songs of Hope”, 8am Sunday 88.3 Southern FM

God’s Fire

68 minutes

A documentary film on God’s revival fire among Indigenous Australians in North Australia and its impact on the nations.

God’s Firestorm: Elcho Island Fireball

87 minutes

An 87 minute documentary film on God’s transforming firestorm of revival that started among Yolnu Aborigines at Galiwin ‘ku, Elcho Island in 1979 and spread around Arnhem Land and then across most of Australia.

God’s Firestorm: Elcho Extra Stories

74 minutes

From Dan and Sue Armstrong, Djiniyini Gondarra, Wendell Flentje, Anna Edwards, Jovilisi Ragata, and includes worship dances and Buthiman’s prayer map.

Aborigines and Evolutionary Racism

by Dr Carl Wieland

Read this article about Aborigines and evolutionary racism

Darwin's Bodysnatchers: New Horrors

by Dr Carl Wieland, M.B., B.S.

Creation Ministries

Read this article about Aboriginal people being deliberately killed to provide ‘specimens’ for evolutionary research

Turning the Tide in Prayer

Reflections on the National Solemn Assembly

By Dr Graham McLennan

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Five Articles from the Canberra Declaration

Australia Day is About Unity, Not Division

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Rodney Rivers on Australia Day Smoking Ceremonies

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Australia Day From An Anglo-Indigenous Perspective

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What Does Reconciliation Look Like?

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Our Indigenous Brothers Who Fought for Australia

By Warwick Marsh | Celebrating Australia Day is a way to honour the 1,200 Indigenous soldiers who fought for their nation under the Australian Southern Cross flag. READ MORE | SHARE

Barbara Miller shares her story:

The Story with Jimmy Colefax

Barbara shares the story of William Cooper:

The Story with Jimmy Colefax

The Fascinating Story Behind the Awabakal Gospel of Luke

Eternity Magazine.

200 years ago, a First Nations leader & a British missionary became great mates. Together they made history by creating the first ever translation of the gospel into an Aboriginal language in Australia! Watch the video by Bella Ann Sanchez