Evangelical Revivals in the Pacific. Robert Evans Plus Three Addresses on the 1972 Revival in Papua - New Guinea by Margaret Reeson, Joan Rule, and Keith Everingham. Compiled and Edited by Robert Evans EvangelicalRevivalsInThePacific.pdf

Books on Revival by Robert Evans including Evangelism and Revivals in Australia, 1880 to 1914 and Evangelical Revivals In The Pacific can be found at


The Tongan Pentecost of 1834 and also of The Tutuila Revival 1839/45 based on research on Samoa by Rev. Robert Evans. Copies are available for $17 each, p&p included, from the author at PO Box 131 Hazelbrook 2779

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Samuel Marsden

In 1794 the Rev Samuel Marsden became the second Chaplain to the Colony of New South Wales. Both Marsden and the first Chaplain, the Rev Richard Johnson, came to the Colony under the sponsorship of the Church of England Evangelicals.

Influenced by his Methodist roots and by members of the Evangelical Party in the Church of England, especially Rev Charles Simeon of Cambridge, Samuel Marsden was appointed the second Chaplain to the Penal Colony of New South Wales.
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Missionary Triumphs Among the Settlers in Australia and the Savages of the South Seas

By John Blacket 1914

A Narrative Of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands

By John Williams 1873

The Story of John G. Paton


Life and Work of Samuel Marsden

232+ pages
15 mb

A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean

420+ pages
36 mb

The Story of the South Seas Written for Young People

Missionary Heroes in Oceania

Exciting early missionary stories of John Williams, John Paton, James Calvert and James Chalmers in the Pacific Islands including Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu and Samoa in the 1800s with pictures.
By John C. Lambert 1915

James Chalmers His Autobiography and Letters

By Richard Lovett, M.A.

Ten Decades:
The Australian Centenary History of the London Missionary Society

By Rev. Joseph King

Pearls from the Pacific

By Florence S. H. Young

Pearls of the Pacific

Being sketches of Missionary life
and work in Samoa and other
Islands in the South Seas

By V. A. Barradale, M.A.

Many Stories from the South Pacific Islands for Children here