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Correction on Caroline Chisholm: Later, when marrying, she became a Catholic. There was a condition that her husband Captain Archibald Chisholm would support her if God was to call her to a special act of public service.

Special Feature

The History of Why Nations Collapse Can Teach Us How to Restore Our Own Nation

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Dr Kevin Donnelly interview on why our society, education & history are being undermined

Dr. Kevin Donnelly AM Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University.is one of Australia's leading education authors and commentators. Kevin co-chaired the review of the National Curriculum in 2014.

John talks to him about the state of school education in Australia today and expounds some of the reasons why Australian students are not performing as well now as they did in previous generations.
An excellent interview of 45 minutes.

John Anderson Interview:

A/Professor Stuart Piggin talking on Australia's Cultural Heritage.

John Anderson Interview:

with world renowned Stanford University Historian Niall Ferguson about the history, standing and trajectory of Western Civilisation.

Vision Christian Radio Interview:

with Dr Augusto Zimmerman on his First Volume of "Christian Foundations of the Common Law"


Remembering Our Queen and Christian Constitutional Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

...the longest-living and longest-reigning British monarch, died at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

To learn more follow the links on this site:

The Queen's Coronation
Our Heritage of Freedom

The end of an era - The Queen's Funeral 2022

The Queen's funeral and committal services:

The Kings Accession to the throne, St James Palace 2022

Christian Foundations of the Common Law Vol 111: Australia

The third and final of the 3-volume collection on the ‘Christian Foundations of the Common Law’ Volume 111: Australia by Prof Augusto Zimmermann (Connor Court, 2018).

This final volume traces the historical and inextricable nexus between the Australian law and Christianity. While the Australian legal tradition cannot lay claim to the historical depth it has in America and England, it was undeniably built on a similar solid Christian foundation. To state that Christianity is infused in both the legal and governmental institutions and customs of Australia is a fact which history fully supports. To state this fact is not to be ‘intolerant’ of other cultures and religions, but to stress an undeniable truth.

The Battle of Megiddo Centenary 19- 25 September 2018 and the Liberation of Israel

First the Battle of Beersheba led to the liberation of Jerusalem, the following year the Battle of Megiddo led to the liberation of Israel. 

Read more about the Battle of Megiddo at the website of The National Army Museum, London.

Featured Articles

Anzac Day Origins:

Canon DJ Garland and Trans-Tasman Commemoration

by John A. Moses and George F. Davis.

What is National Christian Heritage Sunday?

By: Dr Graham McLennan

National Christian Heritage Sunday celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ arriving on Australia’s shores. The date for 2021 will be Sunday 4th February.

Australia’s first minister, Rev. Richard Johnson, arrived with the first fleet on the 20th January 1788. Then, on 3rd February 1788, Rev. Johnson held the first Christian service in Australia. This event is celebrated on the first Sunday in February each year.

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God's Grace over Australia - The Hand of God: His Story of Australia

by Graham McLennan

The Fountain of Public Prosperity

Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740-1914
By Stuart Piggin and Robert D.Linder

This well researched, academic book of 670+ pages says:

"The official religion brought to Australia with the First Fleet was Evangelical Christianity, the 'vital religion' then shaping public policy through William Wilberforce and his fellow evangelicals. That it has shaped Australian history ever since, making a substantial contribution to the public prosperity of the nation, is an untold story."


Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1914-2014

Attending the National Soul

640+ pages

The authors offer an extensive treatment of evangelical involvement in World Wars I and II and in the wars in Korea and Vietnam as well as social issues from a conservative, progressive, liberal and Pentecostal background.


One People, One Destiny:

A Christian History of Australia

by Mike Spencer. 368 pages and well illustrated.

We're 40 indigenous people from across Australia.

Our walk with Jesus has transformed our lives, our families and our communities.

Please (40stories.com.au)

A tribute to Australian Christians

The purpose of this Tribute to Influential Australian Christians website is to provide one form of acknowledgement of the Christian men and women who have contributed to the development of the Australian nation, in which we are now privileged to live. List of influential Australian Christians

Our Christian Heritage

This 97 slide presentation is a comprehensive overview of Australia's Christian Heritage.

The Hand of God Interactive

Through this interactive presentation you will be able to explore the lives of many people from Australia's history. You will also explore some of the key events that have shaped this nation.

Emerging from the many sections of this presentation is a picture of the very clear influence of God in the discovery and foundation of Australia.

John Flynn interactive

Take an interactive journey through the life of the man who started the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


'Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on KOKODA for Men' is an invitation to look at the qualities of COURAGE, MATESHIP, ENDURANCE and SACRIFICE – first in the lives of the Australian soldiers who fought along the Kokoda Track, and then in the life of JESUS. 23 July 2015 marks the 73 anniversary of the first engagement of the Australian troops with the advancing Japanese troops on the Kokoda Track.

These 17 devotional reflections, based on stories from the 17 chapters of Peter FitzSimons’ best-selling book KOKODA. They are written to challenge men to embark on the ultimate adventure – following JESUS up the Track that leads to heaven.

You can download a copy by clicking this link Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on KOKODA for Men

Hard copies can be ordered with your credit card through PayPal account and contact us for delivery and payment details.

National Christian Heritage Sunday


celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ arriving on Australia's shores. Australia's first minister was the Reverend Richard Johnson. He arrived with the first fleet. On 3rd February 1788 Rev. Johnson held the first Christian service in Australia. The day will now be celebrated on the first Sunday in February each year. The date for 2024 will be Sunday 4th February.

On this website you will find information and resources about:
Participating in the National Christian Heritage Sunday >>>
Richard Johnson and the first Christian service in Australia >>>

Listen to this podcast on Australia's First Minister Richard Johnson and the First Christian Service on Australian Soil.